Day of Wedding Coordination in Bowie, Maryland

We provide wedding coordination services and manage your special day for you.

Day of Wedding Coordinator in Bowie, Maryland

Monica Browne Weddings offers day-of wedding coordinator services to couples in Bowie.

When all you need is someone to manage the wedding day for you, give us a call to see why we are one of the top day-of wedding coordinators in Bowie.

When you have hired all your wedding vendors yourself like:

  • The DJ
  • The caterer
  • The photographer
  • The videographer
  • Secured the wedding venue
  • Confirm the tables and chairs from your rental company
  • Your wedding decorations
  • Your dance floor
  • The wedding florist
  • Your hairstylist and makeup pro
  • Secured your wedding cake
  • The officiant
  • Your getaway car (limo) driver

As a bride or groom, you don't want to be the person coordinating your wedding on your wedding day, and you should hire a day of wedding coordinator.

You want to hire a wedding professional like Monica Browne who is a wedding planner and coordinator:

  • With 15 years experience in the wedding industry
  • You could trust to make sure your event starts and ends on time
  • To make sure the decorations are exactly what you expected
  • To ensure that everything else gets executed properly
  • To take care of problems and keep your wedding running smoothly
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How To Get Started

  • Book a call with Monica

    Book a call with Monica to discuss how she can help as your day of coordinator.

  • Let's talk about your event

    Let us create a detailed timeline for you, contact your vendors, and oversee the details of your wedding day.

  • Enjoy your Wedding Day

    Enjoy your wedding and cherish the moment!

What Does Monica Browne Weddings Do as Your Day-of Coordinator?

A day of wedding coordinator is a professional responsible for managing your entire wedding day and helping you finalize the details weeks leading up to the big event.

We become the point of contact for all you wedding vendors, and we oversee all the critical details of your wedding like:

  • Reviewing your wedding vendor contracts
  • Preparing a timeline for the vendors and your wedding party
  • Supervising your wedding rehearsal
  • Giving you progress updates on actions to be done
  • Discussing the order of events for the ceremony with the officiant
  • Coordinating the layout of the tables for the reception
  • Doing ceremony and reception site inspection and walk-throughs
  • Plus more

A day of wedding coordinator will manage your wedding day when the day arrives.

They do not help you plan your wedding like a full service wedding planner.

A wedding planner will help you plan your wedding from start to finish.

They may start working with you a year or six months before your big day and help you with the initial wedding planning stages.

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Is a Bowie Day of Wedding Coordinator Worth It?

The simple answer is yes.

A day of wedding coordinator is priceless if you want peace of mind and someone you can trust to manage the biggest day in your life.

Many couples choose to plan their weddings themselves, and they plan their weddings only thinking about the money they will save by not hiring a full-service wedding planner.

Although planning a wedding yourself allows you to save money, you'll also want to save yourself the stress of managing your wedding, and that's where a day-of wedding coordinator will be your best investment.

Apart from all the help and additional tips a day of wedding coordinator can give you, the amount of stress they can save you is worth the price of hiring one.

Here's an example.

You're getting married and you and your fiance decide on planning your wedding yourselves.

Instead of hiring a wedding coordinator, you ask one of your friends to help with the planning and be the coordinator's day.

Of course, they say yes.

You've picked out your dress, got your guest list together, contacted different wedding vendors, signed contracts with vendors, communicated with the venue coordinator, and everything is going according to your plan.

Or so you hope.

You ask your friend to supervise the rehearsal.

They have never managed one before, and they don't have any experience as a day of coordinator.

Your friend doesn't call and confirm the rehearsal time with the other wedding party members, and some of them don't show up to your rehearsal.

So they wing it.

Now it's the day of the wedding.

Your friend is tired because they went out with you for your bachelorette party.

You try to remain calm, but you are still worried.

Instead of trusting your friend to handle everything, you decide help.

The next thing you know, you're coordinating your wedding.

You're directing vendors on where to set up, calling the photographer to see what time they're coming, reaching your bridesmaids to get their makeup done, and arranging place cards on the tables.

Is this what you want to do on your wedding day?

We hope not.

This is just one example of why you should hire a professional wedding coordinator like Monica Browne Weddings.

Happy married couple on their wedding day.Weeding decor by Monica Browne Weddings.

Why Choose Monica Browne Weddings as Your Bowie Day of Wedding Coordinator?

Monica Browne Weddings is one of the top day of wedding coordinators in Maryland. Monica and her team are industry professionals that will make sure you get exactly what you want and that your wedding goes off as you planned it.

You will not be aware of any issues on this memorable day.

You will only enjoy and cherish the moment.

Once you've hired as your day-of coordinator, we will be available for any questions you have.

When we are eight weeks before your wedding date, you can trust us to:

  • Collect and review all your vendor contracts
  • Confirm all payments to your vendors
  • Confirm all final vendor payments
  • Confirm final fittings for your dress and groom's tuxedo
  • Ensure that your bridesmaids and groomsmen have secured their dresses and tuxedos
  • Perform a walk-through at the ceremony and reception location
  • Create a timeline for all wedding participants
  • Supervise and coordinate the rehearsal for up to two hours the week of the event
  • Coordinate for the rehearsal and the wedding
  • Be the point of contact for your bridal party beginning on the day of your rehearsal
  • Oversee your wedding day logistics for the duration of your event

We are excited to work with you and want to help make this the best day of your life. Give us a call or click the button below to book a call.


#1. Why Should I Consider Hiring a Day-of Coordinator?

You should consider hiring a day-of wedding coordinator if you're on a budget.

If you want to do most of the planning yourself and find your wedding venue and vendors on your own but still want to enjoy your wedding day without worrying about anything, consider hiring Monica Browne Weddings.

#2 How Much Does a Day-of Coordinator Cost in Bowie?

While the national average for a wedding coordinator is between $800 and $1500, the cost of a wedding coordinator in Bowie is between $1500 to $5000 depending on the size of the wedding.

#3 When To Hire a Day of Wedding Coordinator?

The best time to hire a day of wedding coordinator is between six to eight weeks before your wedding date.

This leaves enough time to read vendor contracts, do a walk-through of the different sites, form a relationship with the other vendors, and sort out any missing details that you may have missed while planning your event.

#4 What is the difference between event planner and day of coordinator?

The primary difference between an event planner and a day-of coordinator lies in the scope of their responsibilities and when they get involved. An event planner is typically hired during the early stages of planning, taking charge of the entire process from concept to execution. On the other hand, a day-of coordinator is primarily focused on the actual day of the event, ensuring that all aspects run smoothly and according to plan.

#5 How many hours does it take to plan a wedding?

On average, planning a wedding can take anywhere from 100 to 150 hours, spread over several months or even a year. Factors that influence the planning time include the level of customization, number of guests, location, and the couple's level of involvement in the planning process.