How a Day-of Coordinator Can Save You Stress

Monica BrowneMonica BrowneAug 1, 2021

Every bride deserves to have a special, and above all, stress-free day for their wedding. After months of wedding planning, it can seem impossible to relax. You've put so much work into your wedding ceremony and wedding reception, and you want to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.

If you want to actually enjoy the most special moments of your wedding, you need to hire a day-of coordinator. Day-of coordination can help save the entire wedding party a lot of stress, and they'll be your "boots on the ground" so you can truly enjoy your day.

Did day-of coordination not seem necessary when you were thinking about wedding services? By the end of the post, you'll understand why you need to find coordination help.

What Is a Day-of Coordinator?

In the world of wedding planning, the day-of coordinator plays an essential role on the couple's big day. They're the people that can help ensure that everything goes as planned for all of the wedding activities.

Your day-of coordinator will make sure that your bridal party enters at the right time, can ensure that your doves are released on time, and can help with any last-minute problems.

Unlike wedding planners, their entire job revolves around execution. Your planner can help you plan out details related to the ceremony, wedding after-party, and other pre and post-wedding events. The coordinator will be the one ensuring that everything goes as planned.

Benefits of a Day-of Coordinator

Now that you know what a day-of coordinator does, it's time to dive into all of the benefits that come along with hiring them.

On the surface, a day-of coordinator just handles overseeing tasks for the wedding. However, when you dig a little deeper, you can easily see how they're a great asset for any wedding. Here are a few of the main reasons why we also recommend finding a day-of coordinator.

Help Other Vendors

Weddings are a feat to pull off, and a lot of different professionals need to come together to make everything work. Caterers, DJs, florists, and chauffeurs all have their day-of duties, and questions are bound to pop up.

Nobody wants to have to ask the bride questions or have to trouble people at the wedding party. Luckily, day-of coordinators can act as the go-between for everyone.

Instead of having to search for the bride or other party members to get answers to important questions, the coordinator can handle everything. This can make things much less stressful and even more efficient for everyone involved.

Provide Peace of Mind

Did the mother of the groom come back from her hair appointment? Are you sure that the DJ has the right music for the first dance after requesting a change a week ago? Are the centerpieces set up the right way?

It's only natural to have some concerns when you're preparing for your wedding. Instead of spending your time worrying about things, have your coordinator quell your fears.

Your coordinator can keep you updated on things and help answer any questions you may have. They're experts at staying calm under pressure, and you'll be happy to have them at your side.

Manage Last Minute Details

Even the best-planned weddings can have some last-minute matters pop up. Someone may show up with an unplanned for plus one, a guest may need to switch to the vegan option, and you may need to do some last-minute seat arranging.

This is where it's time for the day-of coordinator to shine! They're not just masters of execution, they're also incredibly helpful to have on hand for some last-minute details.

Don't worry about having to talk to caterers or play musical chairs. Your coordinator can handle any last-minute change that's thrown at them!

Expecting the Unexpected

It turns out that despite several reassurances it actually wasn't a good idea to sit your divorced parents at the same table. One of the bridesmaids had a little too much champagne before pictures. The best man was in such a rush to get to the limo on time that he forgot the rings.

Everyone likes to think that their wedding party and guests will be on their best behavior during the day. People can be unpredictable during weddings, but luckily, your coordinator has seen it all.

Sometimes the best asset you can have during your wedding day is someone that can handle a little damage control. You don't want members of your wedding party, let alone yourself and your future spouse, to have to handle awkward situations.

Let your coordinator separate the parents, grab the glass of water and bottle of aspirin, and run back to the hotel. That's exactly what they're there for!

Stay on Schedule

You may have an hour blocked for the ceremony and 4 hours on the books for the reception, but time can fly by during your wedding. It's surprisingly easy to get off track and run behind during your wedding.

Your day-of coordinator can help keep track of everything, and that includes your schedule. They'll be able to remind everyone of the schedule and can help push things along if people are late.

This can be especially helpful for brides with big wedding parties. It can be hard to keep track of multiple hair and make-up appointments, photography schedules, and limo schedules. Your coordinator can ensure that nobody gets lost in the shuffle.

Get Dependable Day-of Help

A day-of coordinator can be the key to ensuring that you have the wedding you've always dreamed of. When you have the right help on your side, your wedding can be everything you and your spouse have planned.

Are you reading to start planning your dream day? Do you have questions about the other wedding services we offer? Reach out to us so we can start planning your wedding.

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